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Chezmichelin Watercolour Painting is a combination of water, pigment, the white of the paper and your imagination.
The biggest difference between watercolours and oil or acrylic painting is that watercolours are transparent and all the light you will need in your painting is in the white of the paper you start of with.
In oil and acrylic you can mix in white or later add white to get a lighter effect. In watercolours you will need to know in advance about where you want to keep your painting light.

Once the paint is on the paper and dry, it is hard to make any corrections. You can give a watercolour several transparent layers (glacis), but you will always see what is below.
The huge advantage of watercolour painting as a hobby is that the materials are not too expensive to start with and donít take up to much space, so you can even bring them on a holiday.
The hard thing about watercolour is that the water and the pigments will interact with each other and the paper in a way that is never 100% predictable. But donít worry about that, youíll have great fun just playing around with the colours.
Making lots of little sketches using different colour schemes will enhance your skills and give you an idea of how all the pigments might interact.
Although watercolour is said to be the most difficult painting technique, it wonít take that long till you see some nice results. You will see your skills grow with each painting youíll make. Not all topics are completely worked out or translated yet. Be patient, this site will grow with time!

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